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Pergolas & Verandas

We build Pergolas! If your in Adelaide and you need a pergola, get in touch with Spruce for a free quote. We can build your Pergola, Veranda, Patio, Gazebo, carport or Arbour in Australian hardwoods or treated softwoods. Our designs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles depending on your needs. We can design a custom structure to suit you. Alternatively you can choose from one of our standard plans.

We offer a complete package taking care of everything from drawing and submitting plans for council approval, to painting or oiling the finished structure.

The basic types of pergolas can be seen below. Click on each one to see a real life example we have built.

Types of Structures


A pitched roof is one that slopes down from a central ridge to gutters on two sides.  A pitched roof can be gable, hip, or dutch hip. Pitched pergolas create a great sense of space as the roof is higher than a skillion roof. A pitched pergola can be attached or freestanding. 


A skillion (or flat)  roof is one with no central ridge. It simply slopes from one side to the other. A flat roof is a more simple design than a pitched roof, giving a more contemporary look. Skillion pergolas can be attached or freestanding

Free Standing

A free standing pergola is simply one that is not attached to your home. It could be covering an outdoor spa, in a pool area for shade, or just to create a sitting space in your garden. Free standing pergolas might also be referred to as a gazebo or arbour.


An attached pergola is an extension of your home. It can be attached to your house wall, through you house fascia, or through your house roof. Attached pergolas are often used to extend living and dining space. An attached pergola can be pitched or skillion, covered or uncovered.


Uncovered pergolas have no roofing. They are often built to have vines growing to give summer shade. Uncovered pergolas often have a traditional style, constructed using hardwood and featuring scribed rafter tails. Uncovered pergolas can be attached or freestanding.



A covered pergola is one with roofing. Roofing can be corrugated iron, corrugated polycarbonate, twin wall polycarbonate, or ez-glaze. Covering a pergola means flashing and guttering must be installed. A covered pergola can be pitched or skillion.

Timber Decks

Composite Decks

 Handrails, Balustrades, Stairs & Screens

Some of our Pergola Projects. 

Click to see more photos.

Covered Skillion roof pergola

Uncovered Hardwood Pergola

Attached pitched pergola

SIP pergola

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