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Andrew, Merbau Deck and Pergola

At Spruce Quality Decks, we are proud to showcase the beautiful Merbau deck and IronAsh pergola we built for our client Andrew in Hallett Cove. This project involved the construction of a stunning outdoor space that not only added value to the property but also provided a relaxing space to enjoy the view.

Our team of expert carpenters constructed the deck using high-quality Merbau decking boards, known for their durability and resistance to decay. We used countersunk stainless steel screws to fix the decking boards in place, ensuring a smooth and even surface. We then sanded and oiled the deck to enhance its natural beauty and protect it from the elements.

The IronAsh pergola with Exglaze roofing was a perfect addition to the deck, providing ample shade and shelter from the elements while letting in natural light.

The combination of the Merbau deck and IronAsh pergola with Exglaze roofing created a truly unique outdoor living space that our client can enjoy for years to come.

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