Iron bark Historic Gazebo, Stirling - Spruce Quality Decks

Historic Gazebo, Stirling


A historic Gazebo in Stirling was crushed when a storm felled a large tree.

When Spruce turned up on site there was not much of the Gazebo left. Working with the broken pieces and historic photographs we were able to restore the gazebo to her final glory. 

Each and every piece of timber we custom cut and finished to match the original pieces. IronBark posts were brought in from QLD, and machined to their unique profile. Oregon was treated against termites, and ripped to size for purlins and rafters. Even the Lattice strips were ripped, planed, and fixed together to match the original lattice exactly. 

The roof sheets were custom folded, individually cut, and painted to the original spec in order to reproduce as exactly as possible.

And all our work did not go unnoticed! The local paper sent out a journalist and photographer to cover the rebuild.