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TIMBER Decking

Timber decking is our specialty at Spruce Quality Decks. We take pride in using natural Australian hardwoods to create stunning and durable decks that enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Our skilled team uses stainless steel screws to securely fix every timber decking board in place, ensuring that your deck remains stable over time. We sand and oil every deck we build to enhance and preserve the timber’s natural beauty.

We offer a wide selection of decking timber species, including the most commonly used hardwoods in South Australia. Our options range from narrow to wide boards (86mm and 135mm), providing a variety of choices to suit your preferences.

At Spruce, we have over 20 years of experience in building quality decks that meet your specific needs. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we take care to ensure that every detail is taken care of, from the design to the finishing touches.

If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced deck builder in Adelaide, trust Spruce Quality Decks to bring your vision to life.

Ironbark is a very dense, very hardy premium Australian Eucalyptus that is rot and fire resistant. It is grown in NSW and Southern QLD. Ironbark has a wide variation in colours. Predominantly deep red with sections of silver grey, pale yellow and mahogany.

Origin- NSW and QLD

Janka Rating- 14

Price guide- $$$

Spotted Gum is a popular premium hardwood decking timber with unique grain features. Spotted Gum is dense and hardy. Colours vary from pale brown and cream to rich chocolate brown. Spotted gum is gaining popularity as the demand for local sustainable hard wearing timber increases.

​Origin- NSW and QLD

​Janka rating- 11

Price guide- ​$$$

Blackbutt is dense, long lasting Australian hardwood with a lighter tone than most other Australian hardwoods. Pale cream to pale brown in colour, with occasional tinges of salmon. Blackbutt’s colour lightens in the weather if left unoiled.

Origin- NSW and QLD

Janka rating- 9.1

​Price guide- $$$

Karri / River Red is fairly dense and straight grained West Australian Hardwood. Its colour is soft red to mid brown, with some pale pink. Karri often has more colour variation than shown left. Karri is a very underrated Australian hardwood. Karri is a fantastic timber at an affordable price.

Origin- WA

​Janka rating- 9.0

Price guide- ​$$

Merbau is an imported tropical hardwood grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is fairly evenly coloured from deep brown to mahogany with flecking throughout the grain. Merbau has a lot of natural tannin helping to protect the timber from the elements. Merbau has become very popular recently due to its high quality and affordable price. It is our most used decking species.

Origin- South East Asia

​Janka rating- 8.6

​Price guide- ​$$

Kapur is an imported hardwood. Kapur is the softest hardwood we source. It has very straight even grain. The colour is light reddish brown. Kapur is an entry level hardwood that was once quite popular. 
Origin- Malaysia

Janka rating- 7.5

​Price Guide- ​$

Other timber options such as Jarrah, Thermory, Treated Pine, ACQ Pine, Cypress Pine, Tallow wood, Larch etc are available in decking boards. If there is a particular species you have your eye on, let us know and we will source it for you.

Janka rating is an industry standard hardness test. This determines the ability of a particular timber species to withstand denting and wear. The higher the rating the harder the timber.


 We use and recommend Intergrain Natures timber oil on all our decks. Intergrain Natures Timber Oil is a natural, transparent protective oil. Made of 95% naturally derived ingredients from sustainable sources. We oil the back of every timber decking board before it is installed. We sand and oil every timber deck on completion. An additional coat is highly recommended within a week.  Your deck will then need a coat every 6 – 12 months on an ongoing basis. Nature’s timber oil penetrates deeply to give a natural, protective finish to external timber. Tung oil and wood turpentine in Natures Timber oil provide natural resistance to the destructive effects of UV, water, and mould. Natures Timber Oil will not flake, peel or crack. You do not need to sand your deck before applying coats of Natures timber oil. Natures timber oil comes in three colour tones- Natural, Merbau and Jarrah. We use, and strongly recommend the Natural colour tone. Natural allows the timbers natural beauty to shine through. Using Merbau or Jarrah colour tones will darken your deck with every coat. 

For complete oiling instructions, click ‘caring for your hardwood deck’ in the footer of our website.

We love Australian hardwoods. We promote the use of native Australian hardwoods which have been sustainably harvested. As a result all of our timber decking is sourced from suppliers who are members of PEFC and the Australian Forestry Standard ASF.