Stairs come in all shapes and sizes. They are individually designed just for your deck. Or if you prefer, we can construct access ramps. Stairs come in two basic types- Decked or stringer. Decked steps are clad in decking to match your deck. Stringer steps are more open with a stringer at either side and a solid tread spanning between.

Decked Steps

Decked steps are a clean design that flow on from your deck.


We can design and build your deck to follow the contours of your yard.


Stringer steps have a traditions feel and suit higher staircases.


Spruce designs different styles of gates to match your choice of balustrade. Gates come with glass, wire or timber infills and with various hardware options. Spruce can design and create a gate to suit your balustrade and deck.


This gate has a timber surround and brace to blend with the glass balustrade and timber handrail. You can also have just glass.

Timber – Pine

Timber gate with lockable child-proof pool hardware. Pine is a more affordable option than hardwood. A useful option when painting.


Pivot gates create a great feature of any garden. Pivot gates can be large to allow easy access and egress. 

Access Gates

You can make use of space beneath your deck by installing an access gate which blends in perfectly with the cladding and keeps everything hidden away from sight.

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire to seamlessly match your wire balustrade. Looks great and less maintenance required.

Timber- Hardwood

Timber gates work for any balustrade option, whether glass, wire or timber. Timber can be matched to your timber decking.

GATE Hardware

Magnetic latch

Stainless steel magnetic latch.

Child-safe locks

Child-safe, lockable pool hardware. A great option for families with young children.

Barrel bolt

Stainless steel barrel bolt. An affordable, fuss-free option.​

Bench seats

Specially designed by Dave, these bench seats can be built around obstacles creating extra seating with the added option of extra storage.